Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recent Bowler Accomplishments Reported

Brent Hochevar shoots 299 and  a 290 over the past week!  Good Shootin Brent!
Keith 'Musky" Muskiewicz goes 299.
Don Greenleaf stays clean for a nice 748 series.

Other clean games reported ( nice spare shooting to all!):  Bill Hall-208,192, Paul Baxter 237, Tony Gonnella 205, Ed Fullerton 206, John Gilles 204, Bob Kerecz 190, Bill Vandergrift 203, Ray Asik 199, Ray Koba 191, Ron Lewis 201 and way to go Bev Zahorec 216 clean!

These bowlers had nice nights with over average series: Jason Hower 159 and 120 over, Matt Ritz +139, Joe Pataky +132, Joe Kozak 127, Mike Durbin 124, Scott Buddie 117, Vern Taylor and Bob Beach each 110 over, Scot Lunn, Mike Haskill and Marc Amos all +103, Jason Lunn and Tom Gleason at 102 over, Ray Koba goes 99 over, Bill Hall +97 and Paul Baxter shoots 95 pins over average.

Virginia Erdy had a great night shooting 141 pins over, Jen King was +112, Teri Burich 111 over and Jenny Bemer was 96 over!

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