Friday, March 16, 2012

PBA Central Qualifiers and USBC Nationals on the Horizon

Coming off a tough tournament schedule including the LBA City, 700/800 and State Tournaments, LBA squads are gearing up for the USBC National Championships Tournament in Baton Rouge.  Bowlers from The Lorain USBC Bowling Association are always well represented at the national tournament; fielding one of the Top Squads in the Country.

The PBA returns to Lorain on May 18 as Rebmans Rec plays host to the PBA Baldo Campana Central Region Open.  Many PBA pros will be on hand taking aim at this coveted Regional title.  Many local bowlers have fared well in past tournaments and local non-members of the PBA can qualify to roll against some of the world's finest at upcoming qualifying events including:  March 29 at Brookgate Lanes for a spot in the April 29th Qualifier at Rebmans.  Contact PBA member and local PBA affiliate and organizer Rick Zakrajsek for more info.  Entry forms are out at all local centers as well.

This years Tournament will include a Senior PBA stop as well.  And we have just learned that a number of Junior bowlers will be taking to the lanes the same weekend to qualify for the National Teen Masters.

On the local lanes; Roger Aschenbach recorded his first 700 shooting 733.  Steve Marchand and Chuck Hood recently shot 300's,  Billy Mannillo and Al Frazier Jr. garner honor scores for 800 series.


  1. the PBA central qualifiers were so exciting, I liked that stage so much and I took advantage of the performance of some of the teams and I contacted a Sportsbook and bet on them :D

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