Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baton Rouge USBC Nationals Challenging and Fun, and more than just Bowling

Twenty five teams from the Lorain Bowling Assocation made the trek to Baton Rouge for the 109th USBC National Open Championships held at the River Center along the shores of the Mississippi River this past week. Teams and individuals from across the nation will take part in one of the largest sporting competitions in the country and our squad from Lorain continues to be one of the largest year in and year out.

A stone's throw from New Orleans, The Buckeye basketball team made Monday nights team event a little easier to bowl by not making it into the Championship game....maybe next year.

With a casino across the street from the bowling arena and one down the street, odds are you were going to run into your local bowlers often.  On the way down, of those that choose to drive, stopped off in one of the many casinos available in Mississippi and New Orleans.  I guess we are all anxioiusly awaiting the opening of the Cleveland Horseshow Casino next month.  Good food and southern hospitality were also among the topics of conversation overheard during the stay and now back home.

The Bowling Companies did a great job this year taking advantage of the new trend in bowling fashion with colorful jerseys everywhere, and many will be seen back home as I know I saw many of our association bowlers sporting bright new jerserys by 900 Global, Columbia, Storm, Track and Ebonite.   The USBC booth was busy to with great shirts commemorating the championships.

New balls and new equipment are always available for the bowlers, I'd like to give a great big Shout Out to my new friends at 900 Global and 3G shoes, Home with a new pair of Tour Ultra's...Danny 'White Shoes' will be hitting the lanes sharper than ever.  A most pleasant surprise is this writer also was lucky (not only in the casino's this trip) by being awarded a ball of the month by 900 Global.  Thanks to Dave at the 900 Global Booth and to Dale at 900 Global. Great service to bowlers and great support and  commitment to the sport!  For bowlers going to Baton Rouge yet this year, check out the 900 Global, Eagle challenge, a great ball and great chance at additional prizes!

Also note, Frankie May and his gang at Visionary made trips out to the lanes to observe bowlers throwing their gear, we had two guys (Keith Biz and Dave B) on our pair that purchased new balls from them and I was impressed with this show of support.

The bowling was challenging, the experience great as usual.  Reno and the National Bowling Stadium play host to next years tournament.


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