Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mutt & Jeff's steps up to Support a 'Classic' ... and new FB Motiv Promo

Pat and Addison, both avid and excellent Bowlers and co-owners of Mutt and Jeff's the iconic Bar-Restaurant and Entertainment Venue on Oberlin Avenue must have read  PBA member and current USBC Master's Champion Mike Fagen's recent views on the state of bowling, the handicap system and Scratch League play.  Mike states, "I've come to realize the only people that can save the sport are bowlers...." well that surely rings true to Pat and Addison, and having a great business (doesn't hurt either) which affords them the ability to step up and strengthen the sport and promote 'The Monday Classic League" at Rebmans.  The changing nature of the sport and the economy has taken it's toll on  Classic leagues...but recently, thanks to guys like Gary Z and now Mutt and Jeffs the Monday Classic League at Rebmans has new life.

Last night the teams and squad was full.  A new trio format is the foundation for success and future growth.   Implementing an eight week Total Pinfall Bonus Pot allows every bowler and team the ability to compete for the bonuses throughout the season.  Mutt & Jeff's sponsorship makes this league the most attractive around.  Each Monday 24 of the top competitors in the LBA assemble to go head to head in straight up scratch competition.  Perhaps the only remaining 'Classic League' around, the ability to grow and strengthen the league is a top goal.  While last night reflects full teams, subs and permanent subs are welcome and expansion is a definite possibility and with the eight week bonus rounds affords all bowlers the ability to cash.  See Adam or stop down Monday evenings at 7 to get on board.

Of note:  the LBA has approximately 40 leagues within the association with a composite average of 179.  The Classic Leagues' composite average is 208. 

Fagen was right, it takes bowlers to step up and help save and support the sport.  Recently the LBA has implemented this philosophy with upgraded tournaments, promotions and bowlers services and our bowlers become the beneficiaries.  Be sure to thank and remember all the sponsors that support our sport, in all the leagues and all the tournaments!

Just in...Cool promotion!
For a great chance for some great prizes, Motiv is running a promotion on facebook, you can win an entire arsenal of equipment and accessories...so visit Motiv on facebook and enter.

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