Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mark Frazier Crowned LBA-Amherst Eagles 800 Champion

  1. Well, the LORAIN USBC BA / AMHERST EAGLES 17TH ANNUAL 800 TOURNAMENT is a wrap. It was a long but exciting weekend. We had a total of 51 bowlers from Lorain County participate. For an entry fee of $35 and a first place check of $500 it was a good investment. On Saturday evening Mike Plato started off with a very nice 300 game. He finished the first night of qualifying with a 923 series which was leading. Sunday came and some bombs were being tossed. Mark Frazier started the afternoon off with a 300 game and the whispers began. Was it Mark's year. Rick Delserone bounced back the second game with a 300 of his own. Mark's second game was a not too shabby 270. Mark then started his 3rd game with the front 10 before a messenger failed to take down the 10 pin and Mark settled for a 289 game and a first 3 of 859. Mark then hit his next pair and struggled to start but ended up with the last 5 for a 193 game and the leader in the clubhouse. This lead us to a five person stepladder final of Mark, John Gregory, Mike Plato, Rick Delserone, and Brian Hensley.
    Rick beat Brian the first game 238-197. Rick then started the second game off strong and took out Plato with a 257-218 match. Rick once again came out striking as well as John, but a couple of splits slowed up the match. But the match came down to the 10th frame with John needing to strikeout to beat Rick.. John left a smash 10 pin on his 11th ball to lose 236-226. This left a final of not so rev challenged bowlers Mark V Rick. They both came out the gate pounding the pocket. It all came down once again to the 10th frame, with Mark needing a double and really good count to shut out Rick. Mark got the first one in the 10th and on his next ball threw some nasty wood and carried the 7-10 split and to go ahead and beat Rick 237-222 and won the $500 check and bonus items...
    This had to be one of the most exciting events that I have been part of in my bowling career. The spectators came out and supported this amazing final. We even had some jackpot bowling going on after the Saturday night qualifying round and LOTS of money flying around bringing back memories of old. People ask me why I don't bowl anymore, this is the reason why. I enjoy being part of events like this. Hopefully we can make this event even bigger next year.
    I would like the following people for making this event possible this year. First of all, our sponsors. Amherst Eagles, Brunswick / DV8 bowling, Ace Mitchell bowlers supply and EDMONEYLIVE.COM. I would also like to thank Park Lanes Bowling & Brew for hosting this years event ( to any of my friends here on facebook, if you have not been to Park Lanes, you need to get there, this place ROCKS!! ) and John Shreve for bringing in 15 of his closest friends from his center. Finally, I would also like to thank the LBA board members for helping out this weekend, we have a great group of guys.. and to Dan Metelsky, for his hard work and dedication to helping bring back the "fun and excitement" to the game that we all love.. It's a pleasure working side by side with you!!
Dan's Note:  Chaz Velasquez Tournament Director for the LBA-Amherst Eagles 2012-13 800 Tournament provided this summary piece.  Chaz worked tirelessly to put on one heck of a tournament.  With a 100% increase in bowler particiaption over recent 800 tournaments, Chaz should be recognized and commended for his leadership and effort.  As noted in the body of the text, thank you to all our sponsors, expecially to our friends at the Amherst Eagles Club, their support included a matching grant to the LBA's committment of $500 to the Lorain Youth Bowling Scholarship Fund!

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