Thursday, November 17, 2011

High Score Highlights this past Week

Jason Stiwald shot his first 300 at Rebmans!  Congrats!
Brad Cunningham, Richard Schoolcraft and Pete Shullick all shoot 300!
Rich Piskur lights up Lake Erie lanes with 300!
Larae Head and Robert Mihalko go 11 in a row for 290's at Nautical Lanes.

Jesse Hernandez shoots a 300 on his way to a solid 823 at Rebmans this week!

Great Shooting!


  1. Great Job Rich!! Rich is an old neighbor who is an excellent bowler...keep it going.

  2. Good shooting Jesse!! If it wasn't for one bad ball, Jesse could have broken the house record...amazing bowling.

  3. We hear that a suspicious 'Maloik' left ear tug may have been in could that have been on that one bad ball.

    Bowling: A FUN and challenging sport...come out to your nearest bowling center and give it a shot!