Friday, November 18, 2011

MOTIV inks Lorain's Rick Zakrajsek

Rick Zakrajsek was recently signed to an equipment and apparel sponsorship deal with Motiv Bowling Products.  A division of Tech-line products- Motiv bowling balls use state of the art technology in their cores and covers.  We hear a Motiv demo day is being planned soon providing local bowlers a chance to try out some of the new balls like the Sigma Tour and Raptor...stay tuned for more details.   Rick currently ranked in the Top 30 of the PBA's Central Region points standings is competing in the LA-Z Boy Monroe Sports Center Central Region Championships this weekend.  Good Luck Rick! 

Also around town, Local PBA exempt Player, Chris Loschetter is member of the Brunswick staff, this past spring Chris captured two titles across the world in Asia.  In PBA off weeks, you can often find Chris bowling in Lorain at one of your LBA approved centers.

In many of our local houses some of the areas top bowlers can be seen sporting Griips Gloves jerseys, a product of Bowled Solutions a locally owned and USBC approved accessories company.  thanks Marshall for your support of the 700 Tournament.

Good bowling to all!


  1. Good luck this weekend! The Motive bowling balls look great. I can't wait for the demo day. Please keep us posted.

  2. This is the second year in a row that Marshall has supported the 700 tournament. The LBA thanks you for your support and we look forward working with you in the future. Hey bowlers you have to try the is awesome!!!!

  3. hey buddy thanks a lot for another valuable update, I could not live without your bowling updates because I use them to know how to bet at a Sportsbook hahaha