Monday, November 14, 2011

One for the Ages

Congrats to LBA Hall of Famer Pete Kallas for rolling his 9th 300 game and at age 76! and Way to go to Courtney Thompson (age 15!) on her 300 during the Lorain City Youth tournament.  Now thats a generation gap but it was no gap that they did it within the same week in October. We think thats a new LBA record for youngest and oldest shooting a perfect game!

We have heard about other 300's this season, here's what we have:  Brad Cunningham, Dick Bowser, Jim Jurasin and last week Chuck Hood Jr. all at Rebmans.  Joe Sheets shot 300 at Lake Erie and Rusty Kazee a nice 815 over there as well!  Great shooting!

Just a bad break away or maybe a ringing 10...Robert Wiegand, Larry Cunningham, Brian Demyan and Rick Shawver all shot 299's and a shout out to Rufas Scott for a nice 297!

Good Rolling and High Scores to all!  Let us know what you think and any great news happening in your leagues!   Also visit us on facebook-Lorain Bowling for more Lorain USBC Bowling Assn. news and information.