Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jay McKiel Sets New Lorain City Series Mark with 878

First:  Congratulations Jay on back to back 300's in games 1 and 2 and closing out the night with 33 consecutive strikes on route to establishing the New Lorain City High Series Mark of 878.  Jay also is now the holder of the high 'House' series at Rebmans with his total.

Now the rest of the story('s):  During the Monday nite Classic League (held on the east side) Jay finished the night with a nice 297.  now fast forward to Wednesday night in the Delmonicos Barbershop league (west side)...lanes 9 and 10 proved to be just that for Jay as he saw nothing but 9's and 10's-33 strikes in a row followed by a ringing ten in the 10th/spare...9 count (pesky 10 again) on his fill ball.  After game two the buzz really started as he just went 300/300...take into consideration his last game bowled Monday was 297...that's 897 for his last 3 games...the buzz continues...

After the first game most bowlers were aware of another 300 being shot...after the second game and the announcement...Game 2 Jackpot...'Jay McKiel' 300...calls began happening, tweets were going out and posts to Lorain Bowling's facebook page began to tell a story that we were on the verge of bowling history.   Check out Facebook -Lorain Bowling and re-live the excitement...posted...front 26, front 27....front 30, 31, 32, front 33 for Jay...needs 3 more for 900.  Each time Jay approached the lanes the crowds grew from both sides of the house, front row views from the bar were at a premium...keeping in stride Jay's first ball in the 10 was flush but leaving the dreaded 10...History was made as new high marks were established last night, exciting for Jay for sure, but equally exciting for all those that witnessed a great run and a Record shattering night in Lorain Bowling History.

Jay surpassed Andrew Plowman who shot 875 in 2005 to establish the new Lorain City record, he bested Bill Keegans 859 to establish the new Rebmans House mark.  Chaz Valasquez was on hand witnessing and cheering on Jay as he nearly shot total perfection and took aim at Chaz's 888 Lorain County series record.

More:  On facebook best wishes were being posted:  one poster noted-I'm glad I didn't get him in brackets...another asked, what kinda ball was he using...posted response-'Round'   Actually he was using a Roto Grip Cell Pearl.

Congrats Jay from Lorain's Bowling community..
and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Now, this is great bowling. What Jay did last night was truly amazing. Great bowling!! Jay

  2. I've seen a lot of bowling in my time, and this was one of the finest displays of a performance that I have seen. Congrats to you Jay McKiel, it was your night. I hope you had fun doing it.

  3. I saw Jay's 297 the Monday night before. He's been locked in for awhile now. Great bowling Jay! It's every bowlers dream to shoot 900 and to be so close and get the city record is awesome.